3 Season Sunrooms

Ideal for spring, summer and fall.

3 Season Sunrooms

Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle free from harmful UV rays, rain and annoying bugs!
Great for enjoying from early spring through late fall; our three season sunroom is the most popular choice. Utilize your deck or porch to create a functional living space - in the safety of your sunroom you are protected from rain, harmful UV rays, mosquitoes and bugs.  Decorate your room as you wish, without the worry of the outside elements ruining your furnishings.

A three season sunroom can add value to your home. Instead of doing a costly renovation where walls are torn down or an existing room must be destroyed to make way for a new addition, three season sunrooms can simply be added on to your house. Enjoy clean, efficient construction. Unlike traditional "brick and mortar" additions, a sunroom can be built quicker and with less disruption to your life and home.

Enjoy the many benefits and comforts of having a three season sunroom.  Let in the beauty of the day or close out the chill of the evening in your comfortable and affordable SunSar Sunroom.

Benefits & Features

This sunroom is ideally suited for a 3 season application, designed to be installed on a wood deck that is properly mounted to the house and with concrete sono tubes/techno posts well below the frost line. A floating deck or slab is not recommended.


· Knee wall consists of a 2” sandwich panel construction with 1 1/2 pound density durafoam between exterior aluminium embossed skin with a clear coat finish and an embossed fibreglass interior panel.

·Standard windows are an aluminium prime window side slider style. The side slider window slides on heavy duty nylon blocks for smooth and easy operation.All wall systems are pre-cut to your specifications including top and bottom channels, for easy on-site installation.

·Standard colours for the room are white and hickory.

·Exterior/Interior Panels Must Be Same Colour.

·Available in Studio, A-frame styles and unique shapes.

·Custom Manufactured and Pre-Cut

·Heavy Duty Snap Together Male and Female Channels

·Embossed Fiberglass Interior Paneling

·.025 Roll-Formed Aluminium Exterior Skin With Clear Coat Finish

·Nylon Sliding Blocks On Side Slider Windows

·The option of design before it gets to the job site

·Less job site work

·Quicker to install, eliminating expensive labour costs

·By having the channels snap together, eliminates the majority of screws and rivets leaving a very clean interior finish

·Incredibly durable against wear and tear

·Easy to clean - water resistant

·Fade resistant against the elements

·Easy, maintenance-free operation

·Glass Transoms and Tempered Glass Knee wall

·Bronze or Grey Tint

·Allows more light for a brighter room

·Allows a panoramic view

·Slight shading effect for light sensitivity

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